Build amazing connected products.

Spark OS is a complete open source operating system for cloud-connected things.

An IoT operating system that runs in the Cloud.

You want your connected product to be smart, right? Give it an operating system designed for the Internet of Things. Spark OS is a distributed operating system, where servers in the Cloud do the heavy lifting. That way your product can handle complex, intelligent behaviors when it's online, even with only kilobytes of memory.

Development tools for quick prototyping and a smooth path to production.

The Spark Core is our tiny Wi-Fi development kit that helps you build a connected product in hours, not weeks. The Spark Core is hooked to the Cloud out of the box, and the entire design is open source. When you're ready to go to production and manufacture at scale, the Spark Core reference design can be fully integrated into your product.

A world-class community is here to help.

Our documentation, tutorials, and example projects will get you off the ground quickly. Our vibrant community of engineers, designers, artists and students means there's always someone available to lend a hand, and a wealth of knowledge and tools generated by the community. And of course, our in-house experts can guide you through every step of designing, manufacturing, and managing your product.

Get started with a Spark Core.

Ready to jump into the Internet of Things? Buy a Spark Core for the fastest, easiest way to get your hardware online.

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